Several beautiful places where you can stay

If you decide you to make a stay here, there are several villages and towns nearby in which you can stay. The whole region is extremely beautiful and full of life and you will be presented with a tough question, where to live.

There are a number of villages, which are so beautiful that they make you want to stay there forever. The region is famous for its amazing houses and many are open to the general public.

Several places where you can stay

You would also see vernacular buildings that are everywhere.

As we said, there are different villages in which you can choose to live, but the one that we are going to mention here is Ashurst, West Sussex. One of the most popular villages of the region, Ashurst has got everything you can ask for. Great views, amazing scenery, excellent train links, great accommodations, and much more. If you want to explore the hidden side of the countryside, this village is your ideal choice. If you are with your family, it’s a perfect choice too. Although the village is a bit far from the Seven Sisters cliffs, it’s a great place to make your stay.

If you want a closer place to stay, you can stay in East Dean and Friston Villages. Both villages are located within the South Downs National Park, so you would be living very close to the cliffs. Both villages are extremely clean and beautiful and there are different places where you can stay.

If you don’t want to live in villages, you can choose to live in a town too. The best towns to live in are Seaford and Eastbourne. The cliffs are located between these two towns, so the distance is pretty much the same. There are different hotels in both towns in which you can choose to live. Even though the demand is high and hotels are luxury, they are still affordable. If you live here, not only would be able to get to the cliffs easily, but you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of these two towns as well.

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